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  • How much are annual dues?
    Annual Dues are $400.00 due January 1. Late fee is $100.00 after February 1.
  • What is Hampton Cove Owners Assoc (HCOA)?
    The HCOA is a mandatory membership for all homes in Hampton Cove.  HCOA membership payments are due every January 1 and late after January 31. The dues for 2014 are $400. Unpaid accounts will result in a $100 fine and are subject to a lien being placed on your property. The HCOA office maintains the common grounds, produces publications, enforces compliance to the Restrictive Covenants, and handles Architectural Review. Our office is located at 180 Old Highway 431, Suite F, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763. Office hours: 8:00-5:30 Mon-Thurs.
    Friday 8:00-3:00. For more information, you may call (256) 533-6005 or email frontdesk@hamptoncove.com.
  • Where is the HCOA office? What are the hours?
    The HCOA office is located the Hampton Town Centre at 180 Old Highway 431, Suite F, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763, phone 256-533-6005. We are next door to Tortora's Restaurant.
    Office hours:
    Monday - Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm
    Friday: 8:00am-3:00pm
  • What is Hampton House?
    The Hampton House is the entity that houses the pool, tennis courts, fitness center and other amenities. While membership in the HCOA is mandatory, Hampton House membership is optional. Hampton House payments are due on May 1 and are late after May 15. You may contact the Hampton House for more information at (256) 533-3040. The mailing address is 2700 Hampton Cove Way, Hampton Cove, AL 35763. 
  • What should I use as my mailing address?
    Hampton Cove is serviced by the Owens Cross Roads Post Office (zip code 35763). You may use Hampton Cove or Owens Cross Roads as the city name.
  • Is the golf course part of Hampton Cove?
    The Robert Trent Golf Course located throughout Hampton Cove is not owned by Hampton Cove but is a privately held corporation. You may contact the Golf Course at (256) 551-1818 for more information regarding their courses and rates. Visit the website at www.rtjgolf.com
  • Can I get a map of Hampton Cove?
    You may download one here or stop by the HCOA office.
  • Where can I get a copy of the Restrictive Covenants?
    You may click  here for a PDF. It is also under the "Forms" section of this website.
  • How do I get a new mailbox or my mailbox fixed?
    We have three companies that supply the mailboxes for Hampton Cove and is in the neighborhood to install, replace and repair mailboxes. You may repair, repaint, or replace items yourself; however, they must remain uniform to the neighborhood. Ironworks can be reached at 256-306-9832.  Tennessee Valley Fence is 256-883-0404, and Chris Mashburn is 931-433-2357.
  • Can I have a satellite dish?
    Although the Restrictive Covenants of Hampton Cove disallow satellite dishes, the FCC overrides our restrictions and therefore allows satellite dishes. There are placement restrictions, such as dishes must be attached to the back of your home out of view from the streets and neighboring property. Dishes are not allowed to be placed on stakes or poles.  We ask you to be at home when the satellite company is installing the dish to ensure the most discreet location is used.  Click here for more information.
  • What process must I go through to make changes to the exterior of my home?
    All changes to the exterior of your home must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for approval. A copy of the Property Modification Form is available at www.hamptoncove.com under Forms and Documents. Approval is not necessary to replace and repair any existing structure to its original state (i.e. repainting your house trim the original color). The covenants allow up to 45 days for processing so plan in advance. For any questions you may email compliance@hamptoncove.com.
  • Can I have a play structure in my back yard?
    The Board has chosen to allow play structures no more than 14 feet high in your back yard. They must be located beyond the most rear dwelling and behind your house.  
  • Can I have a shed/storage unit in my back yard?
    Sheds and storage units of any type are not allowed in Hampton Cove.
  • Can I have a POD or other type of temporary storage unit?
    You may have a POD for no more than one week (7 days) twice a year. Please contact our office at least 24 hours in advance to let us know when the pod will be dropped off and when it will be removed.
  • What type of fencing can I erect in my backyard?
    All changes to the exterior, including the installation of any fence, must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval. There are different requirements depending on the neighborhood you live in. Cobblestone Cove, Twelve Stones and Flint Mill have a separate form than the rest of the community. The lawn care communities of Eastern Shore, Stoneleigh Terrace and Mallard’s Landing have specific fencing guidelines. No chain link or vinyl fencing is allowed in Hampton Cove. You may find the applicable form online at www.hamptoncove.com in the Forms and Documents section. You may submit that form to our office along with a plan drawn on a plat for approval.
  • Do I have to paint my fence?
    All fences in Hampton Cove must be painted or stained. Unless you are painting your fence the same color as your trim, you must submit your color choice to the HCOA office for approval. The preferred paint color for fences is Sand Castle by Sherwin Williams.  Residents can get a discount at Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.  The first 25 residents who paint their fence Sand Castle can get a refund for up to $100.
  • Do I have to maintain the area behind my fence?
    Unless the land is owned by the City of Huntsville or the Hampton Cove Owners Association, the area behind your fence is your property and must be properly maintained. In addition to the weeds that grow behind your fence, we ask that you maintain the weeds that grow on your fence as well. This will also aid in “critter control.”
  • Can I place a sign in my front yard?
    Signs need approval from the ARC before being posted in your front yard or any other portion of the Community. You may download a Sign Permit on the "Forms & Documents" page. 
    The Covenant allows for one standard size real estate sign per yard.  In reference to political signs, you may erect ONE political sign per yard.
    Contractor signs are not allowed.
  • Who can fish in Hampton Cove lakes?
    Hampton Cove members and their guests may fish in the Hampton Cove lakes with the appropriate fishing license. Guests must be accompanied by a resident when they fish on a Hampton Cove lake. Please stop by our office for a fishing license.
  • Does Hampton Cove own the lakes by Flint Mill and Cobblestone Cove?
    No, and we don't control the fishing in those lakes.
  • Can I get a printed Hampton Cove directory?
    Yes, residents (one per household) may request and pick up a Hampton Cove directory in our office. This information may also be accessed under Resident White Pages on the main page of the website.
  • When is the Hampton Cove yard sale?
    A community-wide yard sale will be scheduled each spring.
    Remember that we need approval from Huntsville Police Department, so the dates may not remain the same year to year. As soon as the next date is decided, it will be posted on our website. The hours for the yard sale are from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. We will place an ad in The Huntsville Times the Friday before the sale. The HCOA will place signs throughout the community.
  • Where is the yard sale held? At your residence? At a particular central location
    The yard sale is in individual yards throughout the entire community. There is no fee to participate by the homeowner
  • Is the yard sale rain or shine?
  • Is Hampton Cove in the city of Huntsville? Will Hampton Cove ever become its own city?
    Hampton Cove receives all City of Huntsville services, such as utilities, garbage, animal services, recreational services and water.
    It will not become its own city.
  • Who makes up the HCOA Board of Directors?
    The community votes every November to elect homeowners as Board members. The Board is made up of nine homeowners. Each term is a two-year commitment. Since there are nine members, each year it alternates between electing 4 or 5 new members.
    View the current board members on the Board of Directors page.
  • When does the HCOA Board meet?
    The Covenants require the Board to meet at least 4 times per year. Our Board typically meets every month on the fourth Monday. Meetings are usually held here in our office unless we have a lot of guests and require more space. If that is the case, we will typically meet at the Hampton House or one of the Hampton Cove schools.
  • What committees are operated by the HCOA Board and how can I serve on the committees?
    Homeowners who are interested should contact frontdesk@hamptoncove.com for more information.
  • Where do I get Golf Course information?
    Call Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Hampton Cove: 256-551-1818 or at their website.
  • Who should I call for trash pickup/ litter in street/ ditch maintenance?
    City of Huntsville Sanitation at 256-427-5400 or use seeclickfix.com - we have found that this website gets quicker results than calling!
  • Who picks up construction debris?
    City of Huntsville Sanitation: 256-427-5332
  • Who do I call for leaf/yard waste collection?
    City of Huntsville Sanitation: 256-883-3964
  • Where to I report potholes / sinkholes?
    Call Public Works at 256-883-3944. You can also report online at seeclickfix.com - we have found that this website gets quicker results than calling!
  • Report overgrown grass on public property.
    Landscape Management office: 256-427-5680. You can also report online at seeclickfix.com - we have found that this website gets quicker results than calling!
  • Reporting graffiti, junk on private property.
    Call Community Development at 256-427-5409. You can also report online at seeclickfix.com - we have found that this website gets quicker results than calling!
  • Where do I report truck/trailer/motor homes in residential area or operation of a business in residential area?
    City of Huntsville Inspection Department at 256-427-5332.
  • Where do I report open burning?
    City of Huntsville Fire Department 256-722-7120.
  • How do I report a street light that is out?
    Call Huntsville Utilities at 256-535-1324. You can also report online at seeclickfix.com - we have found that this website gets quicker results than calling!
  • How to Report criminal activity.
    For Emergencies, call 911.
    Non-Emergency Police 256-722-7100.
  • Report a dead animal.
    Call Animal Control at 256-883-3788. You can also report online at seeclickfix.com - we have found that this website gets quicker results than calling!